Come to Harland & Wolff to build the greatest ship ever made!

"Come at once, we have struck a berg, it's a CQD old man." 

- Jack Phillips, Wireless Operator          


This workshop covers the entirety of the terrible maiden journey of the Titanic. Specifically, the workshop focuses on:

  • The construction and specification of the ship - just how big it was and just how long it took!

  • The passengers aboard the ship from the "millionaire's club" of first class to the musicians in steerage.

  • What happened to sink the mighty ship?

Come to the Harland & Wolff shipyards to build the greatest ship ever made!


This hands-on interactive workshop lets your pupils explore the lives of everyone involved with the fateful journey of the Titanic. Starting in the shipyards, they will construct, crew and ultimately crash the massive ship!


The workshop takes a detailed look at the people that were aboard and why this particular journey was so important to so many people. Your pupils will be millionaires and musicians, stewards and sailors: from telegraph operators through to freezing lookouts, this workshop gives your students the unique opportunity to experience the sinking of the Titanic!