The Vikings are coming! RUN!

"Wake early if you want another man's land. No battle's won in bed." 

- The Havamal       


This workshop covers the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for England. Specifically, the workshop focuses on:

  • Viking raids and invasion

  • Resistance by Alfred the Great and Athelstan, first King of England

  • Viking art and culture, including Norse mythology and storytelling

  • Edward the Confessor and his death in 1066 leading to the Battle of Hastings.

Journey back to the Summer of 793, and see your pupils boarding longships and travel across the stormy and rough North Sea to lay waste to the shores of Britain, or taking up arms to defend their villages and their country from the Viking menace!


Gear up like a Viking, as your pupils raid monasteries and villages to return home with gold and glory. Bury a Viking king in a mighty longship, and venerate his shrine by telling stories of the Norse gods. See how Viking invaders influenced the culture, language and art of Anglo-Saxon Britain.


This amazing workshop has your pupils becoming Kings and raiders, monks and the members of the Norse Pantheon, to resurrect a rich and immersive culture in your school hall.