Maximise your chances for your drama school auditions.

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."        

- Alexander Graham Bell       


This workshop is tailored for each booking, and will contain:

  • An in-depth analysis of what an audition panel will be looking for.

  • What pieces are good to choose and which should be avoided.

  • The differences between drama schools - where your students should apply.

  • Further skills, beyond acting that are useful for getting into drama school - and into work!

Work with two professional actors; a graduate of Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and professional drama tutor, to learn about what life and training at drama school is like.


We will look at the top drama schools, the different focuses their training offers, and what they are looking for in aspiring students. We will discuss good audition etiquette, what to expect and how to prepare and present yourself. The class will support each other in learning to identify speeches that best showcase each actor's talents.


We will also look at wider skills that are useful for any actor, whether applying for drama school or working in the business.