The Pharoah neeeds YOU - to build Egypt's first ever pyramid!

"To excavate a pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist." 

- Sarah Parcak       


This workshop covers the religion and routine of life at the height of the Egyptian Empire. Specifically focusing on:

  • The caste structure of Ancient Egyptian society.

  • Gods, beliefs and superstitions.

  • Pharoahs - the pyramids they built, the legacies they left and the robbers their wealth attracted.

  • Egyptian art and culture including heiroglyphics and mummification.

Serve under the Great Pharaoh Khufu and learn about all tiers of Egyptian life while building one of the greatest monuments of the ancient world.


From day-to-day life with the slaves and farmers to the ceremony and rituals of the priests and scribes, this workshop will even take your pupils into the Egyptian afterlife where they will face reckoning in the Hall of Judgement!


Your pupils will learn about all aspects of Egyptian society, build their own pyramid and then risk the curse of the Pharoah to raid the tomb in search of treasure, in this exciting hour-long workshop!